Special Guests

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the creative force behind exceptional video work for the channel, infusing each project with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Beyond their technical skill, CJ radiates positivity, fostering a vibrant and uplifting environment in every endeavor.

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the unwavering companion on our wildest explorations, whose enduring positivity illuminates every journey, no matter how daring. With an adventurous spirit and a heart full of optimism, John's presence infuses every expedition with a contagious energy, turning even the most daunting challenges into unforgettable adventures.


the epitome of a channel icon, renowned for their ability to flawlessly execute any mission with poise and precision, even under intense pressure. He makes a frequent appearance.

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a true master of ascent and exploration, whose prowess in climbing is matched only by his unwavering determination to surpass all boundaries. With an unparalleled ability to scale even the most challenging heights, Chimken consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that every adventure reaches new heights of excitement and discovery.



a skilled editor who infuses exploration with excitement and makes every adventure enjoyable, all while expertly gathering historical background information on abandoned buildings.

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an integral member of Reichert's journey from the very beginning, whose invaluable contribution in gathering footage and documenting abandoned buildings has been nothing short of exceptional. With a steadfast dedication to the exploration and preservation of these forgotten spaces, Max's expertise and commitment have played a vital role in capturing the essence and history of each location they encounter.

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